From Conflict Resolution to Transformational Coaching: The Reinvention of GT Limited

When I started my business in 2013, it was called GT Conflict Resolution.  I focused on mediation and developing conflict resolution skills, mainly working with leaders and HR professionals.

These days, there are changes on the horizon for GT Limited.  In this blog, I delve into the company’s past, present and the next step into providing transformational coaching for leaders seeking a step change personally and professionally.

A natural shift to Transformational Coaching

In the first few years of business, I experienced a natural shift – as most do!  I worked on topics much broader than conflict resolution such as HR consultancy, team development, leadership skills and more.  So, in 2015, I renamed my business to GT Limited!

GT’s evolution didn’t stop there. I’ve been helping leaders to transition into new roles. I also took on more coaching clients.  At any one time, the balance of what I was doing changed depending on what clients need.

Embracing flexibility is a key lesson from the past 5 years in business.  I haven’t focused on a particular outcome (e.g. number of clients or a specific turnover). It’s been about continuing to learn and enjoying the journey. Growing in confidence has meant that I can choose to work with clients that excite and inspire me.

In recent months, I’ve found a particularly rewarding and impactful niche: Helping leaders looking to fulfil their potential or reconnect with their purpose and transform their careers and lives through insight.  Basically, transformational coaching.  Through helping people work through a specific issue, I encountered a much broader range of challenges that require the sort of holistic approach that I enjoy in my work so far.

Transformational Coaching, Fearless Edge: what’s next for GT Limited

A noticeable external change is my name and branding.  GT Limited will become Fearless Edge, which stems from what I aim to do with coaching. It comes from my passion for helping people to explore the edges of their comfort zone and step into their learning zone. Thus, they grow and reflect, drawing out insight that takes them further.

Working with a whole person through coaching leads to a much deeper transformation.  Looking at underlying self-beliefs, previous experiences, how their work fits into their life allows unblocking of issues that are relevant to a person’s whole life.

My typical client won’t fit into any particular demographic.  Rather, they’ll identify with common issues that require growth. Some of such issues are feeling burned out, lack of focus, too many demands on their time, disillusioned by work and/or wanting to rediscover purpose and drive. Above all, they are willing to invest in themselves and appreciate the impact that coaching can have.

transformational coaching gt limited fearless edge

What Transformational Coaching looks like with Fearless Edge

We start with an initial exploration session. This is a 90-minute-deep coaching session allowing you to fully experience how coaching can transform your life and work. This session is free with no obligation to hire me afterwards. The purpose of the session is for us to get to know each other and for you to find out more about what coaching can do for you.

If we choose to work together, we progress the relationship into a series of sessions over a 6- or 12-month period. 

I focus on creating an environment which allows deep learning, reflection and insight. These moments allow you to make connections between experiences and purpose and help you expand beyond the edge of your comfort zone.

A recent session with a client led to a vital unblocking moment. We were exploring the voice in her head that was holding her back. As the session progressed, she realised that there was something more to this voice.  After some prompting, we uncovered that this stemmed from her relationship with her mother and that this was driving much of the destructive behaviours in her life. This insight helped my client to notice and observe the voice in her head and allowed her to choose differently.

But it’s in between sessions is where much of the learning happens. Silent reflection and time to think are often what leaders neglect to do even though taking time to do this could have the most exponential impact on business.

After an agreed period, we’ll review the journey so far, the insights you’ve gained and the impact these have had, and leave the door open for future work. Coaching relationships can last as long as you like.  Our final session together will set you up for success, making sure you’ve got a plan for how you’re going to take things forward.

Top Tips for getting the best from Transformational Coaching

I’ve had various coaches over the years.  It’s invaluable to have someone hold non-judgmental, reflective space. And this has led to breakthroughs of my own.

For example, coaching has enabled me to build self-confidence by choosing to believe the logical voice, the voice that says I can do something, rather than believing all the niggly voices that say, “I can’t.”

From my experiences, I know two factors are critical:

  1. Being ready to be coached
  2. Finding the right coach 

This is why we have the initial exploration sessions.  It is as much about us working out if you’re ready, as it is for you to see if I can help you with your challenges! Here are my top 5 quick tips for getting the most out of transformational coaching:

  • Take your time to find the right coach. 
  • We each have different styles, approaches, tools – and not every style or approach will work for you. 
  • Don’t be afraid to say to a potential coach if you don’t think it’s a good fit.
  • Make space for thinking and reflection during and out with coaching time – that’s where the magic happens!
  • Have a plan for how you will continue the momentum after the coaching partnership is over

Transformational coaching with Fearless Edge might be a good fit if you’re dissatisfied with aspects of your life or work, and keen to explore how you can change that.

If my journey sounds like it may align with yours, contact me to find out how transformational coaching could help.  To get our monthly advice straight to your inbox, sign up to the newsletter here.

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