The Surprising Benefits of Transformational Coaching

It can be surprising what you find when you dig deeper.

When I start coaching a new client, the initial business problems that brought them to me often go a lot deeper. Together, we discover that the problems emerging at work are often a result of a much broader, personal challenge. This journey of discovery is one of the benefits of transformational coaching.

Let’s look at a real-life example. One of my clients, Carol Gray, Owner of Bon Accord Training, came to me looking for some help with influencing her team. She felt that her team didn’t respect her opinion, and that when she was making suggestions or trying to change things, that it was a bit of a battle. The situation was understandably demotivating.

In our initial session, I explored some of the challenges that Carol was having at work. We also delved into what things were going on outside of work, her health and wellbeing, relationships and friendships. What we uncovered was a theme that was less about her ability to influence, and more about self-confidence. This issue was persistent all throughout her life and not just in this particular work environment.

The Lightbulb Moment in Transformational Coaching

That was a powerful insight. The acknowledgement of this main challenge meant that Carol could start to think about what it would look like if she was more confident. How would this change behaviours? How would she feel? What impact would it have on her working life and personal life?

Over subsequent sessions, we worked on building self-confidence and tackling the voice in Carol’s head that prevents her from fulfilling her potential. As a result of this ongoing work, she is already seeing a big difference in the way that she interacts at work, particularly in how she’s able to manage meetings and the quality of interactions inside and outside those meetings. Carol has increased empathy and emotional intelligence with the team, and this is now having a really positive impact in her work environment.

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In Carol’s words, “Coaching with Gillian has had a huge impact on both my working life and my personal life. I have more confidence to tackle situations I would previously have shied away from, particularly around having difficult conversations. Working with Gillian has given me new insights, enabled me to have more empathy with those around me, and I now feel excited about what the future holds!”

The Top 10 Benefits of Transformational Coaching

Here are the top 10 benefits of transformational coaching that my coaching clients get from the work I do with them:

1. Self-awareness

Explore where your strengths are, and the areas that you want to focus on and improve. As leaders, we often lack the time and support to think about ourselves. Give yourself the luxury of getting to know yourself a little better!

2. Emotional intelligence

Through building self-awareness, you increase your empathy towards others. This allows you to put yourself into other people’s shoes and see other’s perspectives, even when you disagree. ‘One right approach’ or ‘one right way of doing things’ is often not the way to go.

3. Learning to reflect

We often don’t allow ourselves time to think, and actually, it’s the reflection time that really gives us insight about what’s working for us and what isn’t. Reflect on what’s gone well, what you could do better, and what are you proud of?

4. New insights

Make the connections between things that may seem unrelated. Is there a link between issues in your personal life that impact your business life? Pick out patterns or themes that can help you reframe your perspective. You could gain powerful insight that drives the change you want.

5. Whole life impact

These skills can be applied equally to your personal life. The more I work with business leaders, the more I think that there isn’t really a distinction between business coaching and life coaching. As coaches, we work with the whole person.

6. Creative problem solving

By yourself, you might think of one or two ways of approaching things. With a coach, you’re challenged to explore many other options and ways of doing things.

7. Expanding out of your comfort zone

Most of us like to do what we’re good at. It’s comfortable and it’s what we know. Actually, the real learning is when we stretch those boundaries and try new things. That’s where the magic happens!

8. Fulfilling potential

Where do you want to be? What are your dreams? Identify what your goals are, what limiting beliefs are in the way of getting there, and how to create and achieve your goals.

9. Increased motivation

As you see the successes you’re having, identifying and celebrating them will help you feel more motivated and push you to tackle more and do better.

10. Be a better leader

From emotional intelligence and reflection, to creative problem solving and self-awareness, these tools will help you in your journey to be a truly great leader. You will inspire and motivate your team, passing on what you’ve learned to help them to grow.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of transformational coaching and how I work with my clients, get in touch on 07980 838945 or email me at I’ll be in touch with you thereafter.

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